About Us

Studio ODA 406 is nothing short of a hard working team; no one person is an individual in our company. We are an amazing group of people who came together to create a world within a world. A world where people can get lost in becoming their character or find a talent that they didn't know they had. This company was created off of the mentality that we all bring something to the table; be it talent, an extra set of hands, or taking on other responsibility to achieve the overall goal. We are; One Team, One Family, One Goal, One Mission; each and everyone co-insides with the next. Living by the motto: Mission, Man, Self.

A letter from gemma lee

What we do

We are a fully equipped film and video production studio. We make various different forms of media from our family friendly show Loco to our R rated film Hardin Road. We have other projects in the works such as audio books and podcast.